Last Warning: Don't Allow Your Lover To Take Your Nude Photos - You Will Be Embarassed Later

A while ago, we advised Kenyans not to be taking nude photos because they can land on the wrong hands.

We have gotten hundreds of photos of naked Kenyans taken with their much loved smartphones.

Some were taken without the owners consent and so we will not be posting those.

However, we have to expose those who pose comfortably in front of their camera.

This will serve as an lesson to others who may want to take nudes.

Please don't take nude photos. They will embarrass you later.

If you do, don't be stupid enough to send the photos to Wazungus and your boyfriends on social media. 

Don't post them because you will regret.

Now, let's look at those who failed to heed our advise;

And not forgetting this lady ;

Who posted the photo below on social media;

Naked Nigerian Girl's Photos Leaked

She works at a bank in Nigeria and took the photos in the office

Her lover leaked them after a fierce break up