Photos - One Of The Mombasa Girls Caught Doing It With A Dog

What is bestiality? Bestiality is the act of engaging in sexual activities with animals such as dogs, horses, cows and even hens. In other words, humans having sex with domestic or wild animals!!! This is what Celestine Nekesa Sitati, a business communication student at Mombasa Polytechnic did- she was caught having sex with a dog in Mombasa, Kenya while filming a pornography movie for only Ksh 3000...LADIES, imagine that! Ksh 3000 for parting your legs for a dogs dick!.. That's what I call AMICUS DOGGIE.. Doesn't she know that such a canine can go bonkers and bite off her privates!!!

Mark you, there are boys at Mombasa polytechnic who had ombad her those VITUs na akawanyima... Halafu anapea Mbwa????? think of it, she will be a wife to some guy one day and a mother to some innocent child one day

Kama tutakuwa tunapigania senye na maumbwa koko kwa mtaa.. wacha ikae. Amwagiwe na doggy tena umkatie, wacha ikae. ikae kabisa.

Also, if your girlfriend has a dog as a pet and you have once suspected her of cheating... you have my prayers... I'm  not thinking what you're thinking...

Beware of the sexy college girls you meet on the street... Maybe she spent last night with a dog, horse or even a pig.. she might be a member of THE DOGFUCKERS CLUB.

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